We specialize in concerning behavior issues for dogs.

From severe fear issues to bite cases, reactivity to resource guarding, our internationally certified behavior experts have worked with struggling families across the country to help their furry friends by focusing on the underlying problems and implementing a training plan for success.

Do these words sound familiar?

"Her behavior is so embarrassing!"

"I'm worried my dog will hurt someone."

"My neighbors avoid us when we're outside."

"He's so sweet at home, but when we're out around other people and dogs, he becomes CUJO!"

"This isn't my sweet puppy! What happened???"

Some canine behaviors are confusing for us. We know the dog is not in danger. Why can’t our dog understand that?

Most dogs are displaying aggressive behaviors because of fear and anxiety. We can work with these dogs to help them feel more comfortable and even teach them alternative behaviors that are better for all of us. 

Aggressive Behaviors can include:

  • Resource guarding people/food/toys/space
  • Leash reactivity
  • Aggression toward owners/strangers/people/children
  • Intra-household aggression
  • Redirected aggression
  • Generalized anxiety/fear/aggression
  • Body Handling aggression

Ways We Can Help


Reactivity can be a difficult behavior for most people to handle. It happens for various reasons such as fear and anxiety or over-arousal and frustration.

Resource Guarding

This is a very common behavior in dogs from many, many years ago when dogs needed resources to survive. It’s an intrinsic behavior that makes perfect sense to the dog, even though it does not to us.

Dog Bites

Are you afraid your dog is going to bite? Or perhaps this has already happened? This can be a very emotional and stressful time for pet parents.

Our Training Philosophy

We use force free, positive reinforcement methods because we believe in building a bond with your dog and becoming a team together. Force Free methods allow for the dog to make choices and not be punished for mistakes but instead be redirected into the preferred choices of behaviors. Positive reinforcement methods are based in science! Positively reinforced behaviors are the behaviors that reoccur most often. We want the dog and client to both feel great about their training experience!

See why dogs and their families love us


Highly recommend: Camille helped our family so much through her training sessions. She had a perfect demeanor to work with our challenging rescue dog. She approached slowly and with care. At the end of the sessions, our dog mastered most of the curriculum and overcame a lot of his fear response behaviors. Hiring Sit, Stay, Play Dog Training was the BEST thing we could have done for our household.

Lindsay Boardman

We just had our last session with Camille, and we had such a wonderful experience! We are so thankful we chose to start working with her when our puppy was just 11 weeks old. He learned so much and has mastered lots of commands at a young age. She trained us how to train him! She is patient, calm and uses positive reinforcement. We could tell she loves what she does very much!

Becky Sykes

Camille with Sit, Stay, Play is an awesome trainer. From the first meeting, her passion and knowledge is evident in what she does. She is very caring and patient in training puppies and their families using positive reinforcement. Her approach is very effective because she tailors each session to the individual puppy/dog. She is such a joy to work with and always answers my many questions each visit. Our Kingsley loves to see Camille at the front door! Thank you, Camille. We are looking forward to learning even more in our upcoming sessions!

W Poulos

Camille is great! Our golden doodle has had resource guarding, jumping, etc. issues. Both are pretty much non existent. We're working on barking and she gives great customized feedback with results. She's definitely worth the investment for our fur baby. 🙂